Whatever your mood or
occasion, experience
tea the London way

Our Products

At London Tea Co, all our teas are blended with care in small batches to give the best quality and flavour – whatever your mood or occasion...

About us

Inspired by the vibrant and creative city of London, the London Tea Co has spent over two decades focused on bringing excitement and creativity back into tea making and drinking.

We believe that the best moments are made one sip at a time.

Our blends are crafted in small
batches and hand-finished in the UK

Every one of our products is
packed in a carbon neutral factory

All our packaging is 100%
recyclable and biodegradable

Our Story

The founders and friends, Bruce and Peter, both share a love and passion for tea. They met while working in London as tea tasters and buyers and set out to ethically source great tasting teas made with care.

The bold flavours and range of different blends means there is a tea to suit and enrich every mood and occasion. Everything we do at London Tea Co comes from a place of expertise and unquestionable commitment - from our 100% natural ingredients to our ongoing efforts towards more sustainability.

From leaf...

The way our tea is grown matters to us at London Tea Co. Not only does it then taste better but it is better for our planet and the people on it and their wellbeing.

...To cup

We also care about how we package our teas; so that our blends remain as fresh as the day they were picked while ensuring our products are recyclable and home compostable.